Beyond Ex-Gay

Other important ways you can participate with bXg

If you've already told your story and/or completed our short survey, here are some other ways to help.

Ning IconJoin our online community. Join the bXg community and connect with us, as well as other survivors. We have a vibrant and growing private community exclusively for ex-gay survivors. If you are not yet a member, please consider applying for membership (it's free!), setting up a profile, and connecting with others. We share blog posts, have discussion groups, and connect with others through on-line chats. For more information visit our community page.

Media IconBecome a spokesperson for media or research. We often receive requests for information from researchers, documentary makers, and the media who want to hear from people with ex-gay experiences. We are building a confidential contact list of people who are willing and equipped to tell their story in a public way. If you would like apply to be part of this confidential media list, please join the bXg community (see above), get involved and get to know us, and let us know of your interest. For more information visit our community page.

Ally IconBecome a friend or ally to a survivor just coming out. Maybe you never tried to change or suppress your orientation or gender differences or you are a straight ally. We need your help too. We receive emails and calls for help on a regular basis, and we do our best to adequately respond to them, but we need your help. We have begun to create a database of “friends and allies” who will listen to and support those who are just coming out of the ex-gay world. If you would like to apply to be a bXg ally, please email us here or through our contact form, and tell us a bit about yourself—who you are, where you are located, why you want to help others in this way.

Footwork Icon Show us your fancy footwork. Are you the person who will do the footwork to make us a 501(c)3 non-profit organization? There, we said it. If we are going to take this organization to the next level, we need someone who would volunteer their time (and preferably prior expertise in doing such a thing) to do the footwork and make Beyond Ex-Gay a non-profit organization. Got the skills and experience? Please consider helping us with this important step for Beyond Ex-Gay. If you can assist us, please email us here or through our contact form.