Beyond Ex-Gay




Ideas for Recovery from Ex-Gay Harm

Ex-Gay Harm Stories 


By Eugene


Flying Fish




By Tom O'Toole, Jr.

Hope Deferred

Loving Dissonance 


By Darlene Bogle

Healing From the Broken Truth

They Never Really Knew Me 


By Jayne

When Your Partner is an Ex-Gay Survivor 

By Peterson Toscano

The Ex-Gay Lifestyle

How Sexual Abuse Made Me Ex-Gay

Emotionally Dependent Relationships

What About the Spouse?

¿Como Identificar Si Mi Pareja es Homosexual? (Español)

What about the Parents? 

Can my Gay Child Change?

¿Puede Cambiar Mi Hijo Gay? (Español)

Kan mitt homosexuella barn förändras? (Swedish)

Jesus and the Precious Rubble

A Biblically Induced Coma

How I Survived the Ex-Gay Movement

La Locura de las Terapias Reparativas y La Vida Sana (Español)

Change was NOT Possible Part One: What i Was After and Why?

Change was NOT Possible Part Two: What Happens When Change is NOT Possible?

Change was NOT Possible Part Three: Living on the Outside

Is Change Possible? Is This the Right Question? 

Ex-Gay Harm--Let Me Count the Ways 

El Daño de las Terapias Reparativas (Español)

Ex-Gay Harm--What Does it Mean to You? 

My Response to a Fellow Christian 

Why I Went Ex-Gay 


Image of dancing woman statue

By Christine Bakke

The Power of the Truth

Seeking Truth and Closure

Refried Freud 



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