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SurveyIconWe've all heard the declarations that "thousands and thousands of people have been healed of their homosexuality." Where do those numbers come from? At Beyond Ex-Gay (bXg) we know firsthand that the thousands who have attended ex-gay groups never "changed." Worse yet, our ex-gay experiences caused us tremendous harm. So to counter the rhetoric, we have created a new survey specifically for ex-gay survivors.

It's short, and you can stay as anonymous as you'd like. If you can't find answers that fit your experience, we provide plenty of empty boxes for you to express yourself as accurately as possible. Your willingness to be counted will ultimately stand in stark contrast to the misinformation that ex-gay promoters use to convince people that "change is possible" and harmless to pursue.

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Image of Typewriter KeysWe have begun developing an archive of ex-gay survivor narratives. To add your experience (however long, short, detailed or brief) please write it up, have a friend or loved one edit/spellcheck it, and email it to us here (we prefer that you attach your name and contact info, but you can use a pseudonym—or first name and last initial—if you would like).

If you find it helpful, get started with one or more of the questions found at the bottom of our Narratives page.


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